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Sports Rehabilitation Services at Physio on Bayside


Playing a sport is a very demanding part of life. No matter what sport, it can place a lot of strain on the body and there is always risk of injury. Ensuring your body is in optimal shape for playing your specific sport is very important for minimising that risk or helping prevent an injury from occurring again. There are several aspects to ‘’optimal shape’’ including strength, power, endurance, flexibility, proprioception and agility. These all vary depending on which sport you place and finding the perfect balance can be very challenging, but it is something your physiotherapist can advise on.


How Can We Help?


Our physiotherapists have a strong background in treating sports-related injuries. Physio on Bayside are proud of our association with local sporting clubs. If you would like help recovering from an injury, a consultation with one of our physiotherapists is a very important step in the process.



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