TMJ stands for Temperomandibular Joint and is the joint on either side of the jaw where the chin bone (mandible) meets the skull. The Jaw or TMJ is one of the most frequently used joints in the body, and problems with the jaw can reportedly affect up to 80% of the population.


TMJ problems can include

  • Jaw pain (particularly when eating)

  • Headaches and neck pain, difficulty opening the jaw

  • Alignment or poor-bite

  • Locking of the jaw

  • Clicking or grinding

  • Clenching or bruising of the jaw.


Often clients with TMJ dysfunction present to their GP or dentist as a first port of call.  They will often be prescribed painkillers or muscle relaxants and/or be fitted with a splint to wear at night.


How Can We Help?


At Physio on Bayside, Sarah Rogers, successfully treats TMJ dysfunction with the use of specialist manual therapy techniques and client specific home exercise programmes.


If you suffer from jaw problems or have been advised to find a Physiotherapist who specialises in TMJ, then call the clinic for an appointment with Sarah today. 

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