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Rivca Swinson


Rivca graduated as a Physiotherapist from Sheffield Hallam University in the UK in 2001, since graduating she has had the opportunity to work in the U.K, New Zealand and Tasmania both in Public and Private settings.


Predominantly focusing and specialising in Musculoskeletal and Neurological conditions, in 2014 Rivca was awarded by the Australian Physiotherapist Association ‘I love my Physio Competition’  for her neuro-rehabilitation work in helping a 14 year old wheelchair bound patient who was seriously injured in a car accident get back on her feet again.


Rivca focuses on a “full body treatment approach” when assessing and treating her patients. She believes that rehabilitation is a partnership between her and her patient and communication and understanding is key in the healing process. She incorporates hands on treatment, body awareness and exercise.


Rivca Swinson




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